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About the Author

This is Jenny Levallius' first book. Growing up, she loved seeing pictures and hearing stories of this unique and glamorous time in her mom and aunt's lives. She has long dreamed of sharing this inspiring, entrepreneurial adventure with the world and has captured the sisters' experiences in California, along with countless images, in this book to the best of her abilities and hopes you will enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed documenting it.


Jenny was born and raised in southern Sweden but moved to the US at the age of 19 (same as her mother did at the same age). She received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree from Ohio University in 1998 and worked as a graphic designer in San Francisco and Colorado before moving back to Sweden in 2005.  

She currently works full-time as a senior graphic designer and lives in the Swedish archipelago with her twins and husband. Jenny is also a certified Mindvalley Life Coach and is currently doing research for her second book, A Bold Journey, about women who have reinvented themselves and manifested their dreams by facing their fears, changing their mindsets and daring to live boldly!

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